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OpenNMS provides so much functionality that it offers up many opportunities for critical analysis on specific aspects of the software, experiences, and the project in general that is best served with white papers and case studies. We encourage you to contribute narratives of your knowledge (white papers) and experience (case studies) with OpenNMS. Please publish under the create commons license (CDL). Note: documentation and publication will get you well on your way to the highly coveted Green Polo!

  • This is a good place for media to find information about OpenNMS as well as organizations considering use of OpenNMS as an enterprise management framework.

White Papers

Series: Project OpenNMS
Title Date Description Author
Abstract January 1, 2008 What is OpenNMS and What does it do? This is an abstract for the following series of articles that delves not only into just what Network Management functionality OpenNMS provides but also what open source means to the OpenNMS development team and why open source has helped make OpenNMS such a successful project. Each of the following articles will help users better understand the philosophies and concepts for each of the major aspects of the software.
Hyperic Integration April 29, 2009 Want end-to-end monitoring using open source software? Look no further. This paper discusses the integration of Hyperic HQ with OpenNMS.
OpenNMS Provisioning January 21, 2010 This guide is now part of the Administrator Guide which can be found on http://docs.opennms.org/
OpenNMS in a Standby for Failure Configuration March 6, 2010 A work in progress that presents OpenNMS in configuration to support higher availability.

Case Studies

Series: Project OpenNMS
Title Date Description Author
Monitoring mit Skripten in Linux und Unix Umgebungen September 16, 2010 This is a german paper with different possibilities to extend OpenNMS with your own scripts. The paper shows with an simple S.M.A.R.T. hardisk monitoring example the ways to monitor with different protocols like SNMP, NRPE, SSH or HTTP. Ronny Trommer
Monitoring physikalische Ports mit dem SNMP Interface poller September 27, 2010 A Case study written in german from a small Lab to show the possibilities to monitor Layer 2 port status with the SNMP Interface poller. The case study is build up with OpenNMS 1.8.1 and Cisco 3524XL. Ronny Trommer
Hacking with notifications March 7, 2011 This is a small use case written in german misusing notifications to implement a workflow to restart Unix services automatically. Ronny Trommer