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Network Management is hard. OpenNMS can make it easier.

While there exist many definitions of "network management," end users consider the network to be anything on the other side of the keyboard. Thus network managers have to understand not only networking hardware like routers and switches, but things like servers, operating systems, databases and applications.

In the past, network management solutions were expensive to purchase and maintain, yet often necessary in even small environments. The OpenNMS project was started by a group of experienced network management professionals to address this by leveraging the power of open-source software to provide rapid development of powerful, stable and scalable management products.

The aim is to greatly reduce the cost of deployment and ownership while creating a highly-customizable management platform that scales to the enterprise and beyond, yet is simple enough for medium to small businesses.

OpenNMS provides three main functional areas:

  • Service Polling: the system monitors services on the network and reports on their "service level".
  • Performance: data is collected from the remote systems via SNMP in order to measure the performance of the network.
  • Event Management and Notifications: OpenNMS includes a robust notification system, including escalations, that can be generated by network events.

Lauri Laukkarinen has been kind enough to post a small demo of OpenNMS. Thanks a lot for the effort that went into this. We hope to have a large demo available soon.