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The OpenNMS Project Page is a wiki. It is designed to allow you to add content easily to this site, and you are encouraged to help us extend the value of this site by adding your own pages and editing existing ones. Any registered user should be able to modify most pages. If not, please open a bug under "Miscellaneous".

This is a community project staffed by volunteers, so please no spam or language that would be considered impolite. Non-English content is welcome, but I will be running it through Babelfish in order to remove phrases like "Tarus is a loud-mouth pig". (grin)

We use MediaWiki to implement this site. Please visit their site for more information on how to use this wiki, but here is a short guide that can help you get started.

To create a new page, edit an existing page and put the title of your new page in square brackets.

[[This is a new wiki page]]

When you are done, save the page and a link to your new page will show up in red. Click on it and begin editing.

Why do you have to create a link on an existing page? The idea is to organize the information in such a way to make it easy to navigate. While it is possible to create "orphaned" pages, it is discouraged.

You may also want to learn how to edit a page.