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Since OpenNMS 1.3.2 the application for storing / graphing collected data changed from RRD-tools to jrobin. If the files in the subdirectories of your /var/opennms/rrd/snmp - directory end in ".rrd" you have to work with RRD-tools, if they end in ".jrb" you have to use jrobin if you want to work with the data.

Working with RRD files

  • get rrdtool from somewhere (don't know if it came with opennms in those old versions)
  • get the nodeid from opennms for which you want to debug data collection, by example go to the Nodelist, select the node, then select "Asset Info", now you will see the nodelabel followed by (Node ID nodeid)
  • go to the /var/opennms/rrd/snmp/nodeid directory
  • you will see files with the names of the variables for which data should be collected, ending in ".rrd"
  • submit
rrdtool dump RRDfilename

to get a dump of the collected data

Working with jrobin files

(Parts copied from User talk:Mhuot)

  • jrobin should be available from $OPENNMS_HOME/lib/jrobin-x.y.z.jar
  • Do you miss the dump command from rrdtool? Here is a command to dump using jrobin -
echo -e dump multiicmp.jrb\\n . | java -jar $OPENNMS_HOME/lib/jrobin-x.y.z.jar 
  • You can run jrobin inspector, this is a gui interface that lets you look at data stored in jrobin files
  • jrobin-inspector should be available from $OPENNMS_HOME/bin/jrobin-inspector
  • You may need to export your display
jrobin-inspector &
  • Open a jrobin file
Select file
  • The data source(DS) structure should now be in the "RRD File Inspector" window
View Structure - 1
View Structure - 2
  • You can then select the individual RRA's and the "Archive Data" tab will have the actual data stored in the file now.
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