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You're welcome to use user talk pages, but I would recommend using the Mailing lists for discussion -- this wiki is intended mainly for documentation. -jeffg

Hi Mba,

for which version is your change? Probably there are some older versions out there that use this parameter?


It is for 1.6.

AIUI, the wiki documentation is not for 1.7. This is the conversation from #opennms:

16:59 < azeem_> can somebody tell me whether it is possible to define additional capsd protocol plugins (and thus, I guess, services) via the webui?
17:00 < azeem_> or does this have to be done via capsd-configuration.xml?  If so, why is there a user-defined attribute?
17:38 < jeffg> azeem_, not possible in 1.6.  you can do the provisiond equivalent via the webui in 1.7, though.  the "user-defined" attribute was added sometime during the bronze age and has never actually been used.
17:40 < azeem_> jeffg: ok, thanks for the clarification
17:42 < azeem_> jeffg: maybe should be changed, it says "user-defined: The Web UI allows for the dynamic creation of new services. This attribute tracks whether or not the service was added by the user.", or does it talk about 1.7?
17:43 < jeffg> azeem_, that's not talking about 1.7 :)  should definitely be updated.  do you have a wiki account?
17:47 < azeem_> jeffg: should I remove the user-defined=false tag from the example as well, or just remove the explanation of it?
17:48 < jeffg> azeem_, best to remove it altogether -- we recently set a default for it so it's not even present in the default config files anymore.