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Ulf, a plush toy kiwi, was brought to Dev-Jam 2010 by Craig Miskell from New Zealand and presented as a gift to Ronny Trommer from Germany. Since then Ulf has traveled the world representing OpenNMS, much like the Traveling Gnome.

Ulf with two friends in Innsbruck, Austria
Ulf going for the last drop of Club-Mate
Ulf awaits the opening remarks at FOSDEM 2012
Ulf on his Africa mission, making new friends in Uganda
Ulf falls in love in Vipiteno, Italy
It didn't work out
Ulf and his new friend Elias
Ulf and the maschinenbauingenieurin
Slackline like a sir
Ulf and friends at the Wiesenmühle in Fulda