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The OpenNMS Community makes a few builds of the OpenNMS software platform available at any given time. These builds vary in purpose, from deployment ready to developer specific to those who wish to live on the cutting edge. You'll need to pick from one of the following options:

The latest officially released stable version of OpenNMS. The current stable version is 22.0.4. If you are putting OpenNMS into a production environment for daily use, this is the recommended version to install.
If a new OpenNMS stable release is being prepared, this will contain snapshot builds of that release. Otherwise, it will contain a the latest officially released stable version of OpenNMS.
A nightly build of the very latest development version of OpenNMS.

From here on, we will refer to the release you've chosen as: RELEASE.

Next-arrow.png Next Step: Install OpenNMS

Let's move on to installing OpenNMS.