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The Order of the Blue Polo

We've been looking for an NMS solution for years now and have finally found it. Canadian Bank Note Co, Ltd. was on the verge of going for a commercial solution which would have cost a lot more than I would make in 5 years working for the company, instead they took the recommendation of our team to send me for training. I received a week's worth of training from Tarus and Dave back in September 2008 (I must admit they were great hosts). Since then, we've deployed OpenNMS to several client sites, unfortunately I cannot name those clients, but this tools has allowed us to monitor and support all of our deployed systems around the world. We currently have the tool installed in at least 10 sites, including our own server room. We use it for not just monitoring, but we have since configured it to also alert us for any outages, including high heat alerts and other custom alerts we have built since going to the course.

OpenNMS is allowing us to make better use of our resources and also allowing us to make great use of some of the hardware we have to ensure productivity and having the highest uptime.

Cheers to Tarus and his team.

Keep up the good work guys. If you run out of shirts, no worries, I wear my red one at least once a week to the office.

- Eric Bouliane, Canadian Bank Note Co, Ltd., Canada