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The Order of the Blue Polo

The company I work for is called IP Performance and we’re based on the South-West of the UK (Bristol). Here’s my testimonial.

We have used OpenNMS since version 1.2.7 (now on 1.6.4) to monitor customer appliances and network types of all sorts from Telco dial and dslam platforms to enterprise core networks. Network numbers around 60+ node, 1000+ interface, 300+ service. Device types range from standard server platforms (HP, Dell, IBM), DSLAM and dialup multiplexers (Lucent, Ascend) and switching/routing equipment (Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent). The integration of these devices into OpenNMS was smooth and provides us with up to the minute information on the health of said networks.

We use a number of OpenNMS instances for monitoring different customer devices/networks as well as our own network.

I trust in its stability, ease of use and well matured features and enjoy working with its flexible event monitoring which allows for extremely customized alerts.

The community support is strong with some excellent contributions from users and other Open Source projects on integration.

It’s continued existence is a necessity to world peace :)

- Andy Millett, IP Performance, UK