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The Order of the Blue Polo

When I found OpenNMS, I had been searching for network management software to replace WhatsUp Gold that we were using. After the second time of getting over 15,000 emails sent to both me and my IT Director in the space of about 20 minutes, we had to pull the trigger on it.

I was researching Nagios and GroundWorks OpenSource when I went to the SouthEast LinuxFest and met Jeff, Tarus, Brad, and Barry. After listening to Tarus round table with GWOS, I was convinced. It was up and running within a few hours, and I think we are finally done with all of our tweaking, including integration with RequestTracker from BestPractical, OpenManage for our Dell servers, WMI, and VMware ESX Server.

The only issues I ran into was the main benefit of OpenNMS, the configurability! While it was up and running very quickly with auto discovery, that only scratched the surface. Within a few hours, it pointed me right at the cause of an intermittent Citrix issue I had been fighting for over a year. After I set up the WMI statistics and monitoring, it allowed us to shrink our Citrix pool from 10 to 4 servers, and virtualize a little-used database server. By the end of this month, with stats collected by OpenNMS, we will have been able to reduce our server footprint by half and approach 75% server virtualization. Jeff and the crew in the irc chat were invaluable in getting all of the configuration tweaked.

We have just over 130 devices monitored and within the month will drop our entire IT staff down to one from our original number of 4. We couldn't have done it without OpenNMS and our Accounting department now loves and has started to use open source software at home. OpenNMS benefits the entire open source community and hopefully soon will join RedHat with their recently reported $900 million in profits! Thanks for all you do!

-Marshall Davis, Systems Administrator, Talent in Action