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The Order of the Blue Polo

I just recently began using OpenNMS for monitoring my local servers, and a few remote web servers I own or am affiliated with. So far, I’ve began to notice little issues with server outages that I never noticed before. Having OpenNMS running helps ease my mind when it comes to “is my website going to crash” or “is everything working?” I’ve gone several hours with a webpage down without knowing. Now that I have OpenNMS installed, it alerts me via email (and text message) if something goes down!

The interface is clean and easy to use. I’m currently working with a friend to monitor their site as well! Granted I’ve just started using OpenNMS, I can guarantee that I will be using it more and more in the future.

Keep up the great work! I think you’ve got a life long user!

-Andrew W. Nowlin, Owner, Editor-in-Chief of, Ponca City, OK