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The Order of the Blue Polo

I'm Andrea Lazzari and I'm a freelance consultant in the fields of networking and security. I work for some big realities in my country (Le Marche region, Italy) and some other public administrations.

I've started to use OpenNMS in an university test plant (2004) and I was literally impressed by the great amount possibility that software had then and has nowadays.

The biggest network I've ever managed via OpenNMS counts 400+ devices for about 2500 interfaces integrating most of the framework functionalities such as: datacollection, event management and reporting infrastructure.

In the next future I would like to integrate into some installations RANCID for change management and the enterprise reporting system.

Like I sad OpenNMS is a Framework not only a software just like other Network Management solutions.

Great job guys.

-Andrea Lazzari, Montepradone, Italy