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The Order of the Blue Polo

There were many different monitoring systems that were considered for the task we required. OpenNMS was the one we settled on and it has been nothing but amazing during the time we have been using it. As of this writing we have over 6500 devices being monitored, including 8860 SNMP polled interfaces and as we add more and more devices we do not need to worry about the scalability of the platform. The ability to monitor, what seems like limitless devices, is our main reason we use OpenNMS as our monitoring system. It doesn't stop there though. Graphs and reporting tools are the icing on the cake. We generate reports based on availability of our networks, allowing us to assess where the issues are, and how we can improve our networks, which is critical to any organization employing large networks.

Since OpenNMS is an open architecture we have been able to integrate it with our ticketing system, export graphs to web pages to make available to certain parties, and mold it to our needs. We utilize many of the features OpenNMS supports, include notifications, thresholds, SNMP traps, and alarms as well. Support is available via a mailing list, and their online wiki page is full of information that allows us to find relevant documentation on the projects we are undertaking. OpenNMS is scalable, adaptable, and open, and I do not see any other system comparing to OpenNMS in the future, with regards to our current needs from our monitoring system.

OpenNMS server specifications:

Dual Xeon E5345
15000 RPM SAS storage array in RAID 1+0

Independent Postgres Database server.

CentOS 5 on both.

- Tyler Mills, Pavlov Media, Inc., USA