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The Order of the Blue Polo

We are a worldwide company, but only use ONMS in the North American WAN/LAN networks, with the exception of general availability of each site's router (30 countries). We use almost all services out of the box, with some customized services. We monitor approx 100 servers, 30 switches/routers/firewalls, and various other appliances.

Major Systems include, but not limited to: MS Exchange, MS SQL, IBM iSeries, Lotus Domino, Barracuda Firewalls, Websphere, IBM DB2, Veritas, and many many others.

We collect around 24,000 snmp data points in 5 min intervals, and graph them or use them in thresholds. There are times in distress when the system has handled up to 200 traps/min, including event translation and notifications for each, on top of the routine general polling and datacollections. This system is used extensively for troubleshooting and general network health. It is also used for Application Monitoring. In custom applications developed for the company, certain errors or logs within the application are sent as events to ONMS using the eventd network socket, to be translated to events.

We are currently integrating ONMS to use our AdventNet ServiceDeskPlus helpdesk system for tracking and accountability in resolutions of problems.

I have been a supporter/user of ONMS since the 1.0 days, and have implemented it at each company I have worked for since then. It is stable, dependable, and consistent. If ever a need arises with problems or I need a solution, the mailing-list or IRC is full of users that usually have already been through it and are willing to help.

ONMS is not just a network management system. It's a framework. It's built with the idea that you will need to do things, that it wasn't designed to do out of the box. Therefore, it can work in any environment. With FCAPS in mind, this product is very strong.

- Aaron Paxson, SVP Worldwide, USA