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The Order of the Blue Polo

I am an independent consultant designing, building and maintaining networks for ISPs and CLECs (independent phone companies). I have 3 OpenNMS installations I currently maintain; 2 CLECs and one state govt. agency. I support my clients remotely as they are scattered over a large geographical area. My installations include 114 nodes with 657 interfaces, 24 nodes with 637 interfaces and 193 nodes with 554 interfaces. My only advertising is word-of-mouth referrals, so my work has to speak for itself. I can use any NMS system, opensource or commercial. I have worked with most of them. My reputation depends on results. OpenNMS provides these results for me and my clients.

OpenNMS is an invaluable tool not just for network status monitoring but helps me quickly diagnose network and equipment issues. I can "see" what was happening on each device and effectively make decisions quickly about what mitigating actions to take, and more importantly, it helps me to understand what is not a problem.

By collecting a history of events and metrics for each device I can effectively plan and maintain these sites. Cooling, disk space and bandwidth utilization are just a few of the areas where a history of the metrics gives me clear direction on when and where resources will be required. Just being able to monitor the temp. of a site and send alarms when the temp. is too high, has already saved one of my clients more money than the investment made in the ONMS system.

Most of all, I make use of the extreme flexibility of the OpenNMS system. Where no solutions exist, OpenNMS gives me the framework to monitor nodes in ways not usually possible. Some legacy and specialized equipment does not include SNMP support. OpenNMS allows me multiple solutions for non-SNMP capable devices. In one instance, a DSL modem does not report needed metrics on line quality in the usual ways (no SNMP agent). I was able to write a script to access the information on these devices and create a web page with the information. A simple configuration in OpenNMS was all it took to monitor this web page for the data needed.

Thanks for such a great tool!

- Daniel Lacey, Extension7, USA