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The Order of the Blue Polo

I wanted to chime in on this, as we use OpenNMS in five different manners, all equally helpful, and at least three ways not fitting your average use case:

- First we do the boring stuff, we have our own OpenNMS running internally looking after about 50ish servers, switches and the usual bits and services found in a small IT company. This is the boring but very helpfull stuff. Set it up once, upgrade a few times a year and it rarely needs looking after (unless I've been around tinkering, but thats a user problem, not the software).

- Second we use it to monitor a bunch of firewalls and mailservers for customers of customers. On the side, we sell a service based on mail washing and making sure people's DNS and mail look all tidy. We mainly sell this through other companies to their customers, since they want to focus on whatever they want to focus on and DNS, SMTP and all its ailments are of no interest to them. Here we use notificatons a lot, so it gives us plenty of brownie points in letting others know when their customers have issues. Enter OpenNMS as the customer care tool.

- Thirdly we use OpenNMS with some of our own larger customers that still believe they don't need an NMS system of their own, but still think its cute how we want to maintain one for free just so we have a few charts to look at. We know a good bit about their IT shop they don't know. Enter OpenNMS as the combined pre-sales and revenue geenration tool.

- OpenNMS of the fourth kind is the boring kind. You sell it in a small box to small customers wanting to know what is going on. This is the type of shop getting to outgrow their single IT resource and is grappling to get a view of what's what. One small box, a service agreement and they get instant gratification and we get to keep it running. OpenNMS as the simple tool for gratification, we get a foot in the door, the customer gets to know a lot about themself they didn't know.

- Then there is the fifth and most giving kind of OpenNMS, the free in all kinds of ways. On the side we help a hospital in Tanzaniato get a grapple on its needs to get into the 21st century. At Haydom Lutheran Hospital we have used OpenNMS successfully for 5 years now, assisting in keep track of local servers, switches and a satlink to the outside world. It is by far not the most advanced site in the world, but by far the most giving. Lacking local resources it makes it very simple for us to sit 5000 miles away and be able to know how things keep ticking over.

Who are we? Boxed Solutions is a small consultancy in Norway, we try to make as much of our business based on open source, and OpenNMS fits the bill as a piece of software that is rock solid, and can be easily scaled to keep track most things from your toaster to a large enterprise.

Of our customers we have an active task in providing OpenNMS services to many larger local companies such as:

- Alexander Hoogerhuis, Boxed Solutions, Norway