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The Order of the Blue Polo

URSYS has been using OpenNMS for 18 months to monitor satellite modems and routers all over Australia.

We provide satellite carriage to customers in remote areas who can not access more traditional network infrastructure.

We are currently monitoring around 500 nodes with approximately 1500 interfaces in total.

We were able to integrate OpenNMS with our satellite modems and customized Linux routers. The fact that OpenNMS is open source was a huge plus for us as it allowed custom code to be written where required to interface our existing systems with OpenNMS.

When we decided to implement a NMS we spent a considerable amount of effort evaluating the options in the open source area and OpenNMS won hands down.

Since we have had OpenNMS up and running it has made the job of our support team so much easier. It is now easy to see the history of various sites, view graphs of their satellite signal strength etc all in one place.

The work the OpenNMS team has done in producing such a professional product is amazing and we can’t thank them enough for their continued hard work!

- Bart Bunting, URSYS, Australia