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The Order of the Blue Polo

Wanted to go ahead join the OBP and tell you guys how ONMS has made my life a heck of a lot more manageable. I am the only IT support guy for a small automotive stamping company, Charleston Stamping & Manufacturing in Charleston, WV. While our network is relatively small by most OpenNMS user standards from what I can see, what we support is absolutely critical to our doing business. Our network consists of 88 nodes, 1100 interfaces and 564 monitored services. These break down to a bunch of Cisco gear (switches, routers, wireless access points), Dell Windows 2003/2008 and RHEL servers, and 47 Ethernet connected industrial robots see attached image. If the infrastructure and the robots stop working, we make no money.

We’ve been running OpenNMS for the past year (since version 1.5.9), always on Windows. We’ve been running 1.7.0 for the past couple of months in order to get WMI support. My decision to go with OpenNMS was guided by something open source, enterprise grade and easily supported on Windows Servers as my background in *nix is limited. Basically OpenNMS is used here for notification of devices and services going down, and one feature I find very handy is the W32montior plugin which we’ve used extensively to monitor service availability.

In short OpenNMS has saved me from having egg on my face as I can generally get most things fixed before the users have any idea they’ve gone offline. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product and I look forward to what the future holds for OpenNMS

- Jim Jones, Charleston Stamping & Manufacturing, USA