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"The SNMP systemOID (., instance 0) returns another OID that is meant to uniquely identify the type of equipment being used."

If this holds true, there will be a problem. A Linux system running net-snmp will not match the hardware type. As e.g. HP ProLiant Servers like the DL/ML series have a compaq enterprise tree that is needed to query temperatures.

So there will be no match, if the box reports to be a net-snmp Linux box, even if the HP/compaq subagents are running?

In general terms, the systemOID identifies the agent, not necessarily the type of equipment, so I guess my statement is wrong. However, with open source agents such as net-snmp, you always have the option of recompiling the agent code with a different systemOID.

Caution: The name snmp is hardcoded in the web app (report resources as of version 1.3.7), so don't modify the directory name for RRD collection. I believe the same applies to response used in the poller RRD for the ICMP service Caya