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2011/10/28: This page seems quite obsolete. You might want to look at the Data collection configuration How-To.

Configuration File Details

  • File : snmp-config.xml
  • OpenNMS will poll the configuration file an re-read it periodically

This config file is used to control some of the SNMP query properties including things like the community string and default version.

Example: Proxy SNMP hosts

Sometimes SNMP devices may be proxied by other hosts. This is quite common in embedded setups or where their is customer equipment which doesn't expose it's management interface to the normal network.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<snmp-config port="161" retry="3" timeout="800"
             max-vars-per-pdu="10" >

  <definition port="40769" proxy-host="">

  <definition port="40769" proxy-host="">

Note about NAT

I might be worth a note, that the proxy-host ifself can run a snmp agent that is configured as proxy or simply do NAT rule to particular host behind the gateway. But it's still unclear to me, how that mechanism does handle multiple nodes with the same RFC1918 IP .... (derjohn)