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OpenNMS has a number of ways to perform automated discovery, but sometimes it is better to just tell OpenNMS what to monitor. A case in point would be a remote router accessed via DSL where the IP address is set via DHCP. If that address changes, OpenNMS may have no way of knowing that automatically.

Provisioning Requisitions (formerly called Provisioning Groups) is an administrative GUI option that provides a front end to Provisiond's requisitions. It works by allowing a requisition to be created that consists of nodes. For each node, the IP address and services on that IP address can be set manually. Access this GUI via Admin -> Manage Provisioning Requisitions.


Add a new requisition, in this case "Wiki Example Requisition" and press the "Add New Requisition" button.

At this point it will be added to the list of requisitions. Click on the top Edit link under the header Wiki Example Requisition to add nodes, interfaces, and services to it.

Add the Node (setting the name, etc.), add interfaces, and add services to those interfaces. The "ForeignId" key will be randomly generated and can be left alone, but it is very important since it indicates the unique key that will identify the device in the system. Usually when using Provisiond to provision nodes out of an external database, this key will relate the OpenNMS node to the device in the remote (foreign) database. Note that foreign-IDs need not be strictly numeric.


Press the Done button when finished and it will return to the main Provisioning Requisitions menu.

The remaining step is to hit the "Synchronize" button which will cause all of the devices in the requisition to be added to OpenNMS. From this point on they are managed just like any other device in the system.

If anything should change on these devices, such as an IP address, simply return to this screen and click on the requisition's top Edit link to edit it. When finished, re-import the file and the changes will take effect immediately.