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OpenNMS Project Plan

Based on the current goals and objectives, bugs, and custom development projects, the OpenNMS Group and the OGP is publishing the following project plan and schedule. This project plan is being published today with the intent to inform the user community and solicit the development community. Each major milestone of the overall project has parallel sub-projects for which members of the OGP will be taking the lead. Volunteers interested in participating in any of the sub-projects/project tasks should contact the OGP member via the OpenNMS developer's list.

There are many new features (see New and noteworthy) now in HEAD that need to be exercised with new releases as well as a lot of work being done in the persistence, domain and service layers. This stable release of OpenNMS will be a major improvement over 1.0+ for the OpenNMS community and a crowning achievement for the OpenNMS development community. Have you thanked an OGP member today?

Each of these milestones will be lead by a member of the OGP. Wanna be an OGP member? Please contact the OGP member assigned to the milestone and volunteer to help with the code by sending an email to the opennms-devel list.

Here is a list of ideas for OpenNMS's participation in Google Summer of Code 2008 [soc2008]

OpenNMS 2.0 Major Milestones

Attempt to try this a bit differently. We're going to be trying out JIRA this coming week. You can look at it here: JIRA

Release Plan

Release Plan:


  1. Object Model
    1. OpenNMS Entities
    2. JDBC DAOs
    3. RRD (Performance Data) DAOs
    4. Config DAOs
    5. ONMS JDBC DAO implementation
  2. RRD Improvements
    1. Refactor Poller
    2. Refactor Collector
    3. Refactor Grapher
    4. Refactor Threshd
  3. Path Outage
  4. Distributed Poller
  5. Views Display Enhancement
  6. Issues (Bugs)


  1. SVN
  2. Mavenize
  3. Threshd
    1. State Based
    2. Statisical Thresholds (STDDEV, etc.)
  4. Hibernate DAOs
    1. Hibernate implied Installer changes
  5. Configuration DAOs
  6. Service Layer
  7. Business (Rules) based/State based Correlation
  8. Acegi
    1. OpenNMS Dashboard
    2. OpenNMS Servlets
    3. MyOpenNMS
  9. Italian Adventures Merge
  10. AJAX WebUI (where it makes sense)
  11. Web Services (exposing the service layer as an API)
    1. Poller
    2. Collector
    3. Notifier
  12. Availability Reports
    1. Report Scheduler
    2. Report Templates (Jasper Reports)
  13. Open Issues (Bugs)


  1. J EE
  2. Open Issues (Bugs)

1.3.5 (2.0 RC1)

  1. 1.3.4 Open Issues (Bugs)


  1. Open Issues (Bugs)

OpenNMS 3.0 Major Milestones

  1. Scalability
  2. Stability
  3. Pluggability
  4. Managability

Project Management

The OpenNMS Project plan tasks for each milestone is managed in PHProjekt here: (coming soon, April 10 or 11) [JIRA]