Ports used by OpenNMS

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Ports used by OpenNMS

OpenNMS Server

The following Ports are used on the OpenNMS Server.

Note: those are the default values which may be changed in the appropriate config files.

httpAdaptor     8180
rtc             5817
jetty           8980
jetty / https   8443
jetty / ajp     8981

syslogd         514 or 1514
snmp trap       162
(vulnscan        1241)

OpenNMS Server Port descriptions

8180 http adaptor

Appears to listen for HTTP events? I am not actually sure.

5817 rtc

This port is used for Real time communications between the frontend OpenNMS and the backend engine. It is mainly used within the server unless you have a external web server.

8980 jetty

This port is used for the web frontend of OpenNMS. This gives you access to the web GUI. This port is also used for communications within the OpenNMS server itself.

8443 jetty https

Provides HTTPS web access to the OpenNMS Web GUI. This is disabled by default and must be enabled in the OpenNMS config file.

8981 jetty ajp

Not 100% sure on this one. Seems to be apache ajp which is some kind of proxy. Disabled by default and must be enabled

Ports scanned by OpenNMS

There is a large number of ports which can be scannd by OpenNMS. Look in capsd and poller configuration for explanations.