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Pair programming has become a recipe for success with the OpenNMS project. Members of the OGP volunteer their time to pair program not only with each other but with any other volunteer from the community as well. The mentor of this effort has been brozow and his most common pairing programmer mhuot.

While I most often work local with brozow and we often pair program, this is the way we end 90% of our days working on the OpenNMS code...


Actually, after listening to a funny story about brozow and I crashing on a couple of massage chairs in London Gatwick, A.P. following a last minute all night flight to a critical customer site in Geneva, she drew this picture... all to used to seeing us this way. (grin)

Google Pairing Calendar

mhuot created a pairing calendar at Google: [OGP Pairing Calendar ] were we schedule our pair programming session availability.