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The Order of the Blue Polo

I know this is kind-of out of the ordinary, however, I wanted to email you to let you know something that I observed this past Friday.

This past Friday, our Data Center team and some executives had the opportunity to tour [a large healthcare provider]'s brand new 40 million dollar data center here in town. If you're not familiar with [this provider], it's one of the biggest health insurance providers in America and it's headquartered here in town.

Overall the center was very impressive and kind-of put ours to shame a bit. But one thing that our entire group noticed was that they built this new 30,000 square foot Data Center (ours is 3,200) and a nice NOC for tons of people. I mean, they had probably 20-30 people manning all their systems just for monitoring. I asked them what they used to monitor their systems and they told me HP Openview and some others, but that they could only really monitor Windows servers really well. They could barely watch their mainframe systems and their Linux and AIX systems. They were spending money left and right to get things monitored. I mean, we stood in a room full of people watching screens and essentially as we called them "screen monkeys" waiting to manually catch something.

What's interesting is that they are 10 times our size with only 4 times our number of servers, however, we use OpenNMS extensively in our IS department and do it only using 3 operators per shift. Because of OpenNMS we can easily use one operator per shift when needed like weekends.

So basically what this boils down to is that it was a real defining moment for us when we all kind-of realized how much money and labor they were wasting when they could be using your product. We know that you guys know you have a great product, however, it's times like this when it's clear just how well you guys have done to set you apart from all the other guys.

Our business relationship along with your product is a recipe for great success. This is one thing that [the healthcare provider] does not have on us and one thing that we've got that far outshines them! Keep up the good work!

- Chris Rodman, Papa Johns Pizza, USA