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Why should I attend?

Hackathons provide great opportunities for participants: you can contribute to developing new software or tools, meet others in your field, and exchange knowledge and experience with people other than your everyday colleagues. For this hackathon, OpenNMS is cooperating with the Open Source Monitoring Conference (OSMC), in order to bring together those working with open source monitoring tools and those working with OpenNMS.

Combine the hackathon with participating OSMC 2018

For those who are interested, do consider staying a few days longer and join the OSMC 2018 for workshops and/or the conference. OSMC 2018 takes place from 5th November - 8th November 2018 at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Nuremberg, Germany.

What are my options?
Workshops on 5th November 2018, (575,-€)
OSMC conference with talks from 6th - 7th November 2018, (899,-€)
OSMC Hackathon on 8th November 2018, (199,-€, Dinner on evening 7th November included)
Where do I find detailed information when I want to attend?
Go to the OSMC website on, you find all information about venue, speakers and the event in general.
Who is attending?
Tarus Balog, The OpenNMS Group, Inc.
Ronny Trommer, The OpenNMS Group, Inc.


We are specifically looking for:

  • People working in IT operation who want to investigate OpenNMS and get a kick-start
  • People using OpenNMS and want to work on some integrations
  • People who want to do their first OpenNMS contribution


Ronny Trommer, The OpenNMS Group, Inc.
Tarus Balog, The OpenNMS Group, Inc.

My Project

If you want to attend the Hackathon and you have an idea you want to work on, please feel free to add your project title here.

Proof of Concept migrating to Antora

Our documentation is written in the AsciiDoc format and we have the documentation version controlled and we treat docs as code. To render the documentation to a single page HTML we use the Apache Maven AsciiDoctor module. To have a more feature rich user friendly frontend we need a more sophisticated framework to have:

  • Better navigation through a quit large document
  • Modul support for different topics
  • Crossreference support between different documentation modules
  • Search
  • UI is separated from the documentation

The Antora project is adapted by different communities, Fedora, MuleSoft and Couchbase. For the reason our documentation is already in AsciiDoc format we should consider to evaluate if Antora fits our needs.

Migrate the installation guide as a documentation module to Antora
Publish the result to Netlify on
Automate publishing workflow with CircleCI
Ronny Trommer