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JIRA is the current main defect tracking and feature request system for OpenNMS. You can reach the OpenNMS issue system at http://issues.opennms.org/.

Creating an Account

While the system can be used without an account to view current bugs and project statuses, creating an account allows you to:

  • File your own bugs
  • Confirm and Edit Existing Bugs
  • Save Query Reports for Later
  • Be alerted via email for your bugs and other bugs you want information on.

Creating an account is easy, takes a few minutes, and is a great first step at being a great contributor.

Reporting a Bug

Before Reporting a Bug...

  • Try to reproduce the bug a few times in a few different ways.
  • Collect as much pertinent data as you can about the bug.

When Reporting a Bug...

  1. Include one bug per bug report
  2. Include your OS, JVM, and other platform stats from 'Help/About' if applicable.
  3. Include stack traces, etc.
  4. Use clear, concise language without being too lengthy or terse.
  5. Check and see if your bug exists already