Integrated Resource Graphing

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This is an example of the new-style performance box. Choosing a node automatically loads the choose resource page for that node without needing to click on an "Execute Query" button as is shown for response time graphs.

New Performance Box.png

Notice that the relative time selection (Last Day, Last Week, etc.) is now a pull down box. Some of the font sizes on the page have also changed.

New Graph Page.png

If the "Custom" option is chosen in the relative date pull-down, this custom menu shows up (without reloading the page, in fact... it's there in a non-displayed

Custom Graph Time Periods.png

The graph zooming works as before (albeit with the red box off a little in this example), but the relative time box is shown so you can switch back to one of the predefined relative time periods without needing to hit the back button, and when in zoom mode, the custom time option is shown to let you choose a specific time (useful if you need to expand the graph in one direction or another without going back or switching to a predefined relative time period).

New Graph Zoom.png