How to release Kibana Flow Dashboards

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This article describes how the Docker images for OpenNMS Horizon and Minion which are available to the public DockerHub registry.


  • git on your local system
  • Permissions to create branches and commit to Kibana Flow Dashboards repository
  • GitHub API Token with permissions to make releases in the opennms-forge/kbn-flow-dashboards repository. The API token is an environment variable of the CircleCI project named as GITHUB_TOKEN

What is the Tool Chain

The following services and tools are used to build the images:

Packages and releases

A release is driven by a git version tag which follows the semantic version 2.0.0 pattern. Git tags pushed to master which matches the pattern ^[0-9].* and get published as a release. The git tag is used as the version number.

Step 1

Merge all commits to master and adjust README to fit your content for the release.

Step 2

Create an annotated git tag. The annotation is used as release notes and is published for this release on the GitHub release page. Push the git tag to trigger the release and publish process on CircleCI.

git tag -a 1.0.1
# Add some useful release notes
git push origin 1.0.1