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With OpenNMS Horizon we have now a version controlled official install guide which can be found here: http://docs.opennms.org. This wiki is going to be deprecated.

Alarm notes

OpenNMS tells you if you have an outage and creates an alarm for this issue. The alarms will be created from an event and his alarm-data configuration.

If you are working with a lot of people in the NOC it could be very helpful to give your workmates information about a current alarm. This feature branch improves the alarm information workflow in OpenNMS. It allows you to add two types of information on an existing alarm or alarm class:

  • Sticky Memo
  • Journal Memo

A sticky memo is a user defined note for an specific alarm. Deleting the alarm will also delete the sticky memo.

A journal memo is a user defined note for a whole class of alarms based on the resolved reduction key. If a journal memo is added to an alarm it will show up on all alarms with identical reduction key. Deleting an alarm doesn't remove the journal memo. Journal memos can only be removed by pressing the clear button on an existing alarm.

If an alarm has a sticky and/or a journal memo it is indicated with two icons on the "Alarm list (summary)" and "Alarm list (detail)". Sticky and Journal Memo can be deleted with the clear buttons.

Picture 1: Listed alarms with a sticky and journal memo

Picture 2: Alarm detail with memo and with user and date information

Picture 3: Tooltip with Sticky memo and Journal memo on "Alarm list"


  • Page reload in alarm detail: The detail page is reloaded every 30 seconds. If you need more time for a comment than 30 seconds, the page reload drops your input. We changed the reload to 5 minutes. We can remove completely the automatic page reload, but with this setup we don't have currently a possibility to update the alarm status if we run with a ticket integration. So we decided to increased the page refresh time from 30 seconds reload to 300 seconds reload.
  • Notification: It is currently not possible to use the Sticky Memo or Journal Memo in notifications

Source code

The feature is developed in branch origin/feature-alarm-notes and it is merged to 1.11 master since Fri Jun 8 09:52:42 2012 +0200.

The feature is backported to OpenNMS 1.10.7-SNAPSHOT with commit 120a64221adad632735c270995218f293325a320

Developer information

  • Added a new table called "memos" with primary key "id"
  • Modified table alarms, added column "stickymemo" as reference and delete sticky memo if the alarm is deleted.
  • The reduction key is weak reference to an alarm and will not be deleted if an alarm is deleted.
  • Created a OnmsMemo model
  • Created a OnmsReductionKeyMemo model
  • Extended the OnmsAlarm model with OnmsMemo and OnmsReductionKeyMemo
  • Created a Memo model for web application
  • Created specialized model for StickyMemo and ReductionKeyMemo in webapplication
  • Extended the Alarm mode with OnmsMemo in Webapplication
  • Extended the Dao and JdbcWebAlarmRepository
  • Changed the alarm/detail.jsp to a controller alarm/detail.htm
  • Added two icons for sticky and journal memo