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This is a work in progress started at the iNOG 10 and RIPE NCC Hackathon in Dublin. Arista is providing streaming telemetry data which uses the open-config module. They have a prototype as starting point written in go here:

Test network environment

The links in is a point to point link and the 192.168.1/24 is the management network.

Arista Test Network.png

Configuration for Arista vEOS1
Configuration for Arista vEOS2

Project status

With help from some guys from Arista we got a very simple test environment setup and compiled the go example and were able to subscribe successfully to the Golang example from Arista. While investigating to migrate to Java we ran into the problem to get OpenConfig which uses the gNMI specification running. We got stuck to get gRPC running in the OpenNMS codebase with OSGi which is used by gNMI. I've shared the links to useful information I ran into in the sections below.

gRPC support
OpenConfig gNMI support
Running gRPC in Java OSGi
Vendor support

Alternative Options - Stream to Kafka

There is also a possibility to stream telemetry data from the switch to Kafka. A proof of concept to persist the data in ElasticSearch can be found here:

Project contact, chat indigo423