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Running with Docker

Docker provides the tooling around Linux containers and makes it useable to all of us. In early days, even before virtualization, internet applications where written as processes and the developing around it is very application centric. It's all about utilizing resources and getting much higher service density using OS level abstraction than hardware level abstraction. A container is a repeatable static linked environment for processes. You have to deploy multiple processes together to provide a service and they have to interact with each other. Running services in containers is something completely different than virtualization and you have to get your head around it.


  • Ronny Trommer


This project is used to provide an environment to run OpenNMS services in containers and investigate parts in the application where it needs improvements. Images should be hosted on DockerHub and are versioned along with the OpenNMS release. For the reason OpenNMS is based on other services like a PostgreSQL database, we use Docker Compose defining OpenNMS as multi-service application.

Current Status

OpenNMS community maintained Docker images for OpenNMS Horizon

The setup provides the web application and the core services. The docker files and documentation how to use the images can be found in the Github repositories: