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The initial development for this project has been completed project and this page is only kept here as a reference. Please refer to the documentation associated with your release for installation and usage notes.

Project Atlas


Provide network administrators with tools required to analyze complex geographically distributed networks.

High-Level Features

  1. Navigate hierarchies of nodes, sites and user-defined groupings
  2. Provision custom network links
  3. Visualize network links with detailed edge status based on metric (KPI) thresholds



Hiearchies and custom links will be modeled using GraphML, an exchange format for graphs.

Only a subset of the GraphML features will be supported, and custom attributes or extensions will be used to link graph nodes to existing nodes in the inventory.

Inspiring from the IETF Data Model for Network Topologies, we will support:

  • Defining multiple graphs (aka topologies)
  • Allow nodes (aka vertices) from one graph to link to nodes in other graphs

Here's an example GraphML document:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<graphml xmlns="">
  <graph id="Regions" edgedefault="undirected">
    <node id="East"/>
    <node id="West"/>
    <node id="North"/>
    <node id="South"/>
  <graph id="Markets" edgedefault="undirected">
    <node id="NewYork"/>
    <node id="Boston"/>
    <node id="Houston"/>
    <edge source="NewYork" target="Regions::East"/>
    <edge source="Boston" target="Regions::East"/>
    <edge source="Houston" target="Regions::South"/>

Topology UI

Layered Topology Navigation

The Topology UI will be enhanced to support navigating layers.

Aside from allowing us to navigate custom hierarchies, this will also open to door to other features such as:

  1. Improved Enlinkd Topology using a topology per layer of the OSI model
    1. See Map_Use_Cases_2015#Layer_2_iso.2Fosi_map_use_case Map Use Cases 2015
  2. Visualizing overlay and underlay networks from SDN controllers
    1. See Overlay-Underlay Topologies in Opendaylight

The navigation semantics will work as follows:

  1. Enabling a 'Topology Strategy' will give you access to all of it's layers
    1. Existing Topology Providers will be wrapped with a strategy, and refactored into many layers when appropriate.
  2. Layers will be ordered vertically and the top most layer will be shown by default
    1. We will not support having two layers "at the same level", one must come first and the other second.
  3. Controls will be added to the right of the UI that allow the user to navigate to a specific layer
  4. The current layer will be explorer using the existing Focus and SZL semantics
  5. Vertices that link to other layers will be identified with a badge and support navigation to these via the context menu
  6. Search providers indicate the layer in which the results were found
    1. Selecting a search result from another layer will switch to that layer

Here is an example of how the reworked controls could look (stolen from Topo-ui-controls.png

Improved edge and vertex visualization

  1. Add support for style edges to support styles such as: dashed lines
  2. Add support for customizing the info panel data
    1. The Info Panel should be able to pull in performance metrics and node asset values, etc...

Node Maps

  1. Allow topologies to be overlayed on a geographical map, with links.
  2. Support navigating the layers of the topology