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This page is used to track both active and completed development projects.


Proposal Description Target Release
Network Topology UX User interface for generic network topologies 21.0.0+
AsciiBinder Documentation Using AsciiBinder as content management and publishing framework 21.0.0+
Token-based Authentication in XML/JSON Collector Extend the XML/JSON collector to support modern token based authentication for HTTP/s to collect performance data. 22.0.0+

Active Projects

Project Description Target Release
Move Requisition and Foreign-Source to Database The Requisition and Foreign-Source is handled in the local file system.

This project moves the workflow to be handled from the database instead.

maybe 22.0.0, but more realistically 23.0.0
Drift Streaming Telemetry/Forensics via Flows 22.0.0

Completed Projects

Project Description Target Release
Helm Fault Management and Performance Management Console 20.1.0
Status Box Add donut charts for alarm and outage status on the start page 21.0.0
Minion Distributed Monitoring Fabric 18.0.0+
Atlas Hierarchical navigation of topologies 19.0.0
Business Service Monitoring Correlate faults to business services 18.0.0
Newts Scalable time series persistence 17.0.0