Continuous integration

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Starting a software development project has beside the challenges to solve problems even more disciplines. In a free and open project where everybody can send pull requests into the project, you want to make sure, the software can build and nobody breaks your unit tests. Last not least you want to be able to build the packages to allow people easily install your software with apt and yum. If you want more detailed information on continuous integration There is a good introduction from Martin Fowler. The created Maven artefacts are deployed to Maven repository server.

To provide access to our maven modules we using Nexus.

Production Environment

The production system is driven and maintained by the OpenNMS Group and they take the systems is in a good shape for different development branches and the releases for stable, testing, snapshot and bleeding. This is the production environment and has to be working. The production environment is running on Atlassian Bamboo.

Maintainer for the production system is Benjamin Reed (ranger)

Community Driven Playground

To have a playground for community driven projects, like Google Summer of Code, we where able to get the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda to host a build server as a playground. It is mostly used for Google Summer of Code projects. Instead of a commercial license of Bamboo we have a Jenkins installed. Additional the build results will be uploaded to a code analysis server SonarQube.

Maintainer for the community system is Ronny Trommer (indigo)