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Welcome to the documentation for OpenNMS.

This section

This Category is for contributed documentation for OpenNMS. Suggested articles that could be added to this category and sub categories are:

  • Installation Documentation
  • General Documentation on the usage of OpenNMS
  • Specific Configurations for special Devices and Systems
  • Tips and Tricks on OpenNMS

Please feel free to add and edit links and also their targets according to the constant change of OpenNMS itself. Only a well documented project will be successful with people that are new to it. If you have experience with OpenNMS please contribute here and place your articles in according categories (this allows faster navigation and a more structured wiki).

A overview on how to use Categories

I've created this category because I felt quite uncomfortable with searching the OpenNMS Wiki for content and specific instructions on how to do something. This is an attempt to get some structure into the documentation of OpenNMS

--RedChili 04:26, 20 February 2007 (EST)

New to OpenNMS

Never heard of OpenNMS before? These sections should give you a brief idea of what it is and what it can do.

Getting Started with Opennms

Trying to decide which release you should use? See Choosing a version

Having chosen a release, here's how to get started in the installing and configuring process: Getting Started


Want to know about the features of OpenNMS in a bit more detail? Check here:


Other documentation related to installing: Category:Installation


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