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  OpenNMS wins the Infoworld Best of Open Source Software (BOSSIE) award in the "Networking and network management category" for in: 2009,2010 and 2015. The Bossie Awards annually recognize the best open source software for business.
ProdOfYear Bronze 2008.gif
  In Techtarget's 2008 Product Excellence Award survey, OpenNMS took the Bronze Award in the category of "Application and Network Management". While not as exciting as winning the Gold Award the year before in the "Network Management Platform" category, it was still nice to be recognized and to be only one of two open source applications that took home one of the 36 awards available (the other was a Silver Award for Asterisk, an amazing open source telephony application). We are delighted to be picked by TechTarget readers for this award, and hope they keep us in mind next year.
Sm-prodOfYear Gold 2007.gif
  It was an exciting day in the office when we got the call from TechTarget that OpenNMS had been selected at the Gold Award winner in its 2007 Product Excellence Awards.

This was amazing for a number of reasons. First, OpenNMS came out on top against Hewlett-Packard and IBM, two of the major companies in the network management space. Second, this was determined by TechTarget readers who are ultimately the end users of the application, and are thus in the best position to judge.

It was a validation for the open source development model and an endorsement of the work of the entire OpenNMS community. It was definitely not the work of one person or one company that allowed OpenNMS to win, much less be considered, in the same category as OpenView and Tivoli.

This vote of confidence makes us work even harder to improve OpenNMS. It was humbling and we deeply appreciate it.

  We have a love-hate relationship with the LinuxWorld Expo show. On one hand it is a premiere event for Linux-based solutions (even though the web site is hosted on Microsoft's IIS), but on the other hand it has moved away from its open source roots to become very commercial. The one vestige of the old days is the ".org Pavilion" which showcases about 20 open source projects each year.

We had been invited to host a booth at the 2006 San Francisco show and it was a lot of fun. We really didn't expect to become finalists for a Product Excellence Award in the company of IBM's Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator and Novell's ZENworks 7 Linux Management, but not only were we included we won the category. It was a bit of a " David and Goliath" story, and a wonderful gift for the OpenNMS community.