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Events reduced to Alarms

Why Alarms

Ever since I started using OpenNMS, I have all wondered what the heck it means to acknowledge an Event. Well, it really doesn't mean anything to me unless the event is something that I acutally cared about. Now, OpenNMS gives you the ability to indicate which events are important and they become alarms. Also, with this ability, you can now reduce these important events to one row in the alarms table with the reduction-key element of the the <alarm-data> tag in the event configuration files. This allows you to decide the granularity of the reduction as you will see in the sample images below.

Alarms with new style sheet and sorted by severity

This is much nicer and generally more useful than the raw events.


Alarms sorted by count

This shows the number of events that were reduced to a single alarm row.


Un-reduced event list

Click on a count in the alarm listing and and jump to the list of un-reduced events for that alarm.


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