The Order of the Blue Polo

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The Order of the Blue Polo consists of OpenNMS users that have taken the time to write in and discuss their experiences with using the software. Anyone can join.

These testimonials reflect the opinions of the people writing them and not their employer. This should not be considered an official endorsement or recommendation by any of the companies listed. Think of these as director's commentaries you find on DVDs with the same disclaimer that the movie studios use (and we all fast-forward through) at the beginning of the film.

Dear OpenNMS users

My name is Dat and I am working for CDIT, a subsidiary company belong to PTIT (Post & Telecommunication Institute of Technology). We are R&D centre. We know OpenNMS when we researched about open source software.

We have been using OpenNMS in CDIT since 2002. From that time, OpenNMS did not release the first version, still 0.9, I remember. We had to install and reinstall OpenNMS a lot of time to get familiar with it. After six month, we finally and totally control OpenNMS in administrating our network. We deployed an WAN for our mother company (VNPT) with over 50 network nodes (router, firewall), a lot of servers (30). Using OpenNMS, we can monitor the status of links between subsidiaries, the performance of the link, of the server. We also monitor a lot of services such as : email, web of collaboration – our internal website, file servers, We think OpenNMS is a very convenient, flexible and highly configurable network management software. We feel happy when using OpenNMS.

Thanks you guys who have been developing such a nice and beautiful software.

- Ho Trong Dat, CDIT, Vietnam

The Order of the Blue Polo

User Name Company Country Devices Interfaces Services
Chris Rodman Papa John's Pizza USA 670 1,148 4,859
Jim Jones Charleston Stamping & Manufacturing USA 88 1,100 564
Tyler Mills Pavlov Media, Inc. USA 6,500 8,860
John Natschev Kangan Batman Institute of Technical and Further Education Australia 410 12,685 3,593
Ho Trong Dat CDIT Vietnam 80
José Manuel Agudo Cuesta Universidad de Salamanca Spain 372 16,000 2,500
Andy Millett IP Performance UK 60 1,000 300
Philippe Guillebert Bull Telecom France 400+
Eric Bouliane Canadian Bank Note Co, Ltd. Canada
Jarmo Laakso Okmetic Oyj Finland 56 100 350
Steve Hillier Halogen Software Canada 133
Bart Bunting URSYS Australia 500 1,500
Alexander Hoogerhuis Boxed Solutions Norway Multiple Sites
Daniel Lacey Extension7 USA Multiple Sites
Blaze King Lake County Office of Education USA 132 621 1,234
Aaron Paxson SVP Worldwide. Parent company of Singer,
Husqvarna Viking, and Pfaff sewing
USA 130+
Graeme Fowler Loughborough University,
previous PIPEX Communications/Host Europe PLC
UK 50-300 50-450
Mark Langanki Spanlink USA Multiple Sites
Thomas Michelbrink Excel Telecommunications USA 657 2,000
George Livsey Excel Telecommunications USA 657 2,000
Michael Shuler Rackspace Managed Hosting USA 211 426 1,065
Andrea Russos City of Modena, Italy Italy 300
Andrea Lazzari Freelance Consultant Italy 400+ 2,500
Phil Morris IT Performs Ltd. UK 50
Jerid Muszynski DURA Automotive Systems USA 221 416 1,500
Adam Monsen The Grameen Foundation USA 15 15 100
Andrew W. Nowlin Gaming Conviction USA 20 47 109
Marshall Davis Talent in Action USA 130
Bill Daniels Vision Net USA 627 1232 1825