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* [[User_talk:Tarus|The Mouth of OpenNMS]]
* [[User_talk:Tarus|The Mouth of OpenNMS]]
* [[User_talk:Jonathan|An End User's diary]]

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Welcome to OpenNMS

OpenNMS is the world's first enterprise-grade network management platform developed under the open-source model. It consists of a community supported open-source project as well as a commercial services, training and support organization.

This is the second new Wiki for OpenNMS. We are now using MediaWiki, the same application used by Wikipedia. You should have read access to all content on this wiki, but you will need to register to add or edit pages, or upload files or images. OpenNMS is community supported, so you are welcome and encouraged to add content to this website.

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Places of Interest

User Pages

The old blogs can now be found on the specific user's page: