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Installing OpenNMS

Current Releases


Get Started With OpenNMS

Database installation

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions after reading the how-to guides, some of them might be answered by reading the FAQs.

Configuring OpenNMS

Basic Information



Using Tomcat with OpenNMS is no longer supported in OpenNMS 1.8+.


Provisioning Nodes and Services

Polling / Monitoring

Events and Alarms

Other sources of events besides SNMP traps



3rd party devices

Data Collection

SNMP Data Collection

SNMP Data collection is available in all versions of OpenNMS, but only 1.3.2 and above have the ability to collect data on arbitrary indexes.

HTTP Data Collection

HTTP data collection is available in OpenNMS 1.3.2.

JMX Data Collection

JMX data collection is available in OpenNMS 1.3.x.

JDBC Data Collection

JDBC Data Collection is a feature that has to be compiled separately as of 1.8.3.

Nagios / NSClient / NSClient++ Data Collection

View / Export / Debug / Convert collected data



Jrobin graphs

Most data collected and written to JRB (previously RRD) files can be used to create jrobin graphs.

Jasper reports

You can generate paper-like reports by using the OpenNMS/JasperReports integration. These reports can then be sent by email or generated on-demand using the web interface.


Asset Tracking System

Maps in OpenNMS

Access Restrictions / ACL's

Customize OpenNMS

Customize the OpenNMS GUI

Integrate OpenNMS with Other Systems

Trouble Ticket Integration

Maintain Your OpenNMS Installation


  • Performance tuning: Please take a look at the Performance Tuning Guide to avoid basic performance pitfalls in the way your system is set up.


Database backup and restore

Hacks and other improvements

Upgrading and Configuration Management

Additional Information

Useful things to read

SNMP-related Stuff

Success Stories

The OpenNMS Book

The rumours about a book written in German are true. As of 04 June 2010, OpenNMS: Netzwerkmanagement mit freier Software is available for purchase from Amazon.DE.

There is mounting interest in an English-language book. As of June 2010, there is an effort underway to organize this effort.

Special needs, new technology